AngioSystems is a U.S. manufacturing company specializing in radiation protection shields, custom drapes, pressure wedges and trays for the Cardiac Cath Lab & Interventional Radiology departments in leading hospitals throughout the world.

Our Products

Surgical Drapes

AngioSystems has proudly been a manufacturer and innovator surgical drapes for over 30 years, focusing on the Cardiac Cath and Interventional Radiology Labs.

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Surgical Trays & Procedure Packs

No matter if you are doing an angiography procedure or PICC Line insertion, AngioSystems is ready to design a custom tray to meet your distinctive needs.

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SorbX Radiation Protection Shields

After a decade and over a million shields produced for some of the most prestigious medical facilities in the world, our SorbX shields provide customers with all the key features they need at a competitive price.

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Radial Access Sleeves

Radial access procedures are attractive for the patient as it reduces complications and improves comfort, but also is better for the hospital as studies show the patient recovers quicker, and hospital costs are reduced.

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